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I'm a Canadian iOS (Objective C / Swift) & Android (Kotlin) mobile app developer. I mostly work on my own stuff, but I'm happy to help build apps for start ups, businesses, or individuals. Just contact me at For my personal projects, just check Apps and Repos.

What is my preferred coding language


The vast majority of my coding has been in Objective - C, but I also build in Swift and more recently in Kotlin. I'm fairly code agnostic as they're just different means to the same end. Kind of like with human languages. I can order a beer in Japanese just as easily as I can in English. Same with code. With Client apps, I'm more likely to use Swift because newer developers aren't learning Objective C, and Swift makes apps more future proof as other developers can jump in and take over. Plus, both Swift and Kotlin are pretty kewl languages to code in, who's kidding who.  


For my own iOS  apps, I still use Objective C to keep me sharp and just because I like coding in Objective C. I mean, who _doesn't_ love square brackets! 😂 Actually, most of the legacy code on earth is Objective C, and I really do love the language. I love having my public data in an .h file, with my implementation all cleverly stashed away in .m.  

What I'm working on now

I'm currently working on improving my Android/Kotlin-Fu, maintaining my current apps, working on two freaking awesome projects for clients remotely, and building a small mobile-based service to be launched with a good buddy here.

All that...or I'm at a beach somewhere. Cheers!

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